German Photography After 1945

Deutsche Fotografie nach 1945

Edition of 2,500.

Universitat Kassel 1979 210x195mm approx. 228pp. Softcover. As new copy.


“The exhibition…continues a series…whose parameters were developed with the establishment of the Fotoforum. We are dealing here with the treatment of historic, aesthetic, and social aspects in the analysis of professional, hobby and personal photography; and with tracing a development which has established photography as an instrument of the pictorial artists (see the exhibition and catalogue “Fotografie als Kunst – Kunst als Fotografie “) (which I also have for sale)


“An inventory of German posrt-war photography

Text in German and English


Approx 50 photographers represented





Also available:


Photography as Art – Art as Photography


Cover scuffed with minor marks, but contents fine.


Approx 50 photographers represented incl Christian Vogt, Franco Fontana,


Fotoforum Kassel 1975/76

Text in German, French & English


Accompanied the important exhibition “Fotografie als Kunst – Kunst als Fotografie “) 172pp