We sell rare and out-of-print photography books, magazines, prints and posters – plus cartes de visite and other original images and photographic items.

Our books relate predominantly to the artistic, cultural and historical aspects of photography - although there are a few technical titles. The list currently includes many scarce and important items, monographs, anthologies, reference titles , limited editions and signed copies.

some items from current stock

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To contact us, e-mail sales@creativecamerabooks.co.uk or call on   07580 611 389 and leave a message.


Update: Leon Hershtritt. A portfolio of 10 erotic photographs. Ten 7.5x11 inch original prints mounted  on board 14x19 in. approx, in linen finish case. Limited edition. 1970's Number 51 of 300 copies. Signed. This item was sold in the 26th October 2012 auction of Vintage, Modern & Contemporary Photographs at PIASA, Paris. Check the PIASA website for auction details www.piasa.auction.fr/UK/

Update : At the end of the cartes section you'll now find some albums - also, some other photographic items for collectors : a subminature spy camera, and a Polaroid Image System

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